Our team has several years of professional wilderness and conservation experience and it all started with us wanting to make a difference, either through pure conservation, education, pre hospital medicine or the hard skills it takes to survive.  During this time our passion has only increased and we felt it is time to invest back into a world that has given us so much.

we understand all too well that the life saving industry  is big in passion but small in budget, so we want to provide an affordable way to improve skills and equipment, while maintaining the integrity and quality of our fields.


Ferdi is a co-owner and director of MERC-T Operations, with over 10 years experience in wilderness areas as a Game ranger, anti-poaching ranger and instructor, as well as a medic working in some of Southern Africa's most remote parks.

Kim is a co-owner and director of MERC-T Wildlife, Kim has over 12 years of experience in conservation as a game ranger, wildlife project manager, volunteer project developer and coordinator and is specialized as a wildlife rehabber and aviculturist.  

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